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Improper positioning of the bones of the spine can cause irritation to the surrounding tissues, ligaments, and nerves, resulting in pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Chiropractors restore the proper biomechanics of your body, removing the source of the problem and allowing your body to heal naturally.

How does chiropractic medicine work?

Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

What sort of training is required to become a chiropractic physician?

An adjustment is a very specific and controlled movement that re-aligns and restores movement in a joint that has become fixated. Chiropractors have years of training in a variety of techniques from traditional adjustments to low force instrument adjusting, which is often used when treating children or seniors. Most people report feeling calm and relaxed after an adjustment.

Following the completion of undergraduate studies, a 4-year chiropractic program must be completed before the doctorate of chiropractic medicine is awarded.


The course work is very similar to that taught in medical schools, with emphasis on anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, and pathology in the first 2 years, followed by training in physical therapy, nutrition and exercise rehabilitation, and physical and imaging diagnosis. Following this, training and internship is completed. Before practicing, your chiropractor must complete the National Board examinations as well as the State Board examination to become a fully-licensed chiropractic physician.


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